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A wardrobe guide for men-3

Cooking In Color | Southern Style Ribs

Don’t lick the screen but feast your eyes on Gayle King’s favorite #ribs. In this premiere episode of Cooking in Color, Chef Marc Anthony Bynum shows us the technique on how to make fall off the bone Southern style ribs. Ribs so good it landed him on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine. Cooking […]
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Bookend Baldies | How to Make a Mimosa

The competition starts now! Buddy and Eddie are challenged to make a brand new cocktail with a few interesting ingredients. Will Buddy finally take home a win or will Eddie prevail time and time again. Watch this hilarious episode of BookendBaldies and find out. The Lounge Channel is Presented by Resorts World Casino New York […]

Girls Gotta Eat | Macari Vineyards & Avelino Pizza

Christine, Leeana and Kellyann face their biggest challenge yet…drinking all that delicious award-winning wine and indulging in gourmet wood-fired pizza from one of the North Fork’s most popular wineries, Macari Vineyards and the beautiful food truck that is Avelino Pizza. Watch the adventures of #GirlsGottaEat filmed by Emmy Award Winner Annmarie Bain of image AMB. […]
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The Lounge S2 | Splashed

Leeana and Christine go fishing in the waters of “Lake Lounge” to discover two beautiful creatures lurking within. Watch our last episode of Season 2 “Splashed” with Buddy, Eddie, Leeana and Christine. We’ll be back for Season 3 in September! The best of the best of this season is here with special shout outs to […]
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Girls Gotta Eat | Robinson’s Tea Room

It wouldn’t be a Royal Wedding without the gals of Girls Gotta Eat enjoying High Tea at Robinson’s Tea Room in Stony Brook, New York. Watch the girls spill tea, eat scones and talk all things Harry and Meghan on this special edition of GGE with Kellyann Perdie, Christine Gerani and Special Guest Joanne Gerani […]
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The Lounge S2 | Kellyann’s Cocktail Confessional

Would you trust Buddy with your things? Is Eddie really a bad boy? Does Christine find herself in awkward situations or is she just awkward? Come inside Resorts World Casino New York City and watch Buddy, Eddie and Christine confess to Cocktail Queen Kellyann Perdie on this latest and greatest episode of The Lounge with […]
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The Lounge S2 | The Village Idiots

Buddy Casimano and Eddie Bennett are excited to kick off St Patrick’s Day with a bang when they meet a mysterious man who gives them a Top Secret envelope. Does this envelope contain the results of Christine Gerani’s #23andMe DNA test? Will the boys ever tell her they have the results or will they continue […]

The Lounge S2 | Welcome To Merrick Square

The lovable BookendBaldies are back! Buddy meets Eddie on the #LIRR and takes him to one of his favorite restaurant and ‘Lounge’ spots LaStrada of Merrick. Live, love and laugh with the boys as they indulge on delicious food, enjoy great company and have antics for days! Don’t forget to #Like #Share or #Comment. Presented […]

The Lounge S2 | Return of The Mac and Cheese

The holidays are over but the ladies of The Lounge decide to get together to exchange gifts and chat about the new season with their brand new sponsor Resorts World Casino in NYC! Don’t miss Leeana, Christine and Kellyann spill the tea on the latest products they’ve been using to get ready for their closeups! […]
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The Lounge | Meet and Have a Ball

The merry band of misfit toys visits That Meetball Place in Farmindale New York where they welcome new co-host Eddie Bennett. Watch Buddy, Christine, Leeana and Eddie as they interview Designerlebrity’s Barbara Viteri! With Musical Guest Chantilly Whiskey, interviewed by Kellyann Perdie. #BookendBaldies #GirlsGottaEat #TheLoungeTVShow Sponsored by That Meetball Place has locations in Farmindale […]