Girls Gotta Eat- Brewology295

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These girls don’t come to play…they come to #SLAY! In this episode of “Girls Gotta Eat” Christine Clarke Gerani and Lee Ana Costa visit the incredible Brewology295 Port Jeff. Brewology is known for it’s vast selection of craft beers, it’s sensational BR Burger and their delicious menu will make your mouth water! #DontLickTheScreen but watch Leeana and Christine eat their way into America’s hearts. Filmed by Visionary Organics Shayan Mohsin and Rome Aurelius Coffey with appearences by Joe Gerani Joe Costa and Marie Ann Mordeno The lovely Kellyann Perdie was out of town during the making of this film. #PortJefferson #LongIsland #NewYork #GirlsGottaEat

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“The classic flavourings for venison are used here in a warming stew. If you can’t get shanks, diced shoulder would also work. ”

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