The Lounge TV Show is a Reality Talk Show. By taking some of the finest social media stars and putting them all together we have created a funny, unique program that entertains, sustains and effectively relays your message. Each episode and segment of The Lounge is artfully filmed and creatively mastered by our top flight team of filmmakers.
Whether it be a retail business location or a terrific product, our diverse and talented cast along with our retro style programming will deliver your message to our viewers via our vintage television show style with an entertaining modern twist.
The Lounge lives as a Web TV show with significant social media exposure.  Our many segments are viewed on Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and Instagram and constantly shared by our network of active users to help attain the highest levels of viewership. 
Besides video we welcome sponsored products. We work with photographers around the area to get your product out to our audience quickly, affordably and creatively.
Be part of #TeamLounge today as a sponsor and let us help you continue to market your brand socially and effectively.


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