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Lounge Around Town | Port Jeff Salt Cave

The summer’s been hot but Christine found a way to cool off by trying Cryotherapy where the temperature drops to a mere -256! Watch Marcy Guzman of the Port Jeff Salt Cave explain the benefits of #Cryotherapy and #SaltTherapy in this special edition of Lounge Around Town! The Lounge is Presented by Resorts World Casino […]
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The Lounge S2 | Kellyann’s Cocktail Confessional

Would you trust Buddy with your things? Is Eddie really a bad boy? Does Christine find herself in awkward situations or is she just awkward? Come inside Resorts World Casino New York City and watch Buddy, Eddie and Christine confess to Cocktail Queen Kellyann Perdie on this latest and greatest episode of The Lounge with […]
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The Lounge S2 | The Magic Meatball Competition

Does size really matter? You’ll find out when Buddy Casimano, Eddie Bennett and Leeana Costa compete in The First Annual Magic Meatball Competition. This hilarious episode was sponsored and filmed at the beautiful Showcase Kitchens in Manhasset, hosted by Christine Gerani. Did the balls melt in their mouths or just rot in their hands. Our […]