What is this Lounge they speak of?

What is this Lounge they speak of?

By Christine Gerani

Christine Gerani

The Lounge is branded as both a television show, and as its own channel on Roku, among the largest and most popular digital platforms currently available. Viewers from Millennial’s to Baby Boomers are finally ditching overpriced cable for programs and movies they can choose for half the cost. With these platforms users can get live TV with Hulu, Playstation, Sling and a bevy of other options to fit their viewing needs. As long as you have high speed Internet in your home you can successfully watch a vast array of old, new and independent television shows.

What Spotify and Soundcloud have done for independent bands and musicians, Roku has done for independent content owners. The Lounge Channel is seen by thousands of viewer’s world-wide and includes shows like Bookend Baldies, Cook Like a Champion, Girls Gotta Eat, The Lounge TV Show and so many more.

You can also watch our shows on YouTube and on this very site. As you scroll through TheLoungeChannel.TV you will see recipe and lifestyle blogs.

Enjoy our brand new site and please visit our new sponsor Resorts World Casino in NYC!

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